Monday, 6 July 2009

How to make the right decision for a cheerful job with least stress !

Time has passed so fast as it has been already over 1 year since I left my previous full-time job in a trading company, which I found unsuitable to me. Around the same time, we established our own family’s company providing construction machinery hire services to many contractors mainly in Hanoi city and nearby areas. Now only after 1 year’s operation, our business has progressed rapidly and will be likely more developed as the market demand is growing speedily and widely in Vietnam. My darling Thang and I view that we are going in a right and prospective way and we have been trying our best to lay a steady economic foundation for not only ourselves but also our son Tuan to develop it in his future.

At this stage, I do not have to worry about earning money for daily use, but I cannot stop working so early at 40 as I am still quite energic, and I cannot lose or fade my social knowledge and experienced English skills. The matter is what type of work should be best for me now? It must be surely less stressful and with more fun, and most importantly it must help keeping me happy with social communication. More than once, I was going to apply for a position of office secretary or translator of English, for which I had got long experience. But after reconsidering and consulting my friends and former colleagues, I have found this type of jobs is more suitable for young people under 30, so I did not follow this direction.

As much interested in painting and home décor, recently I have attended some e-courses online on this subject and got some basic knowledge. Then I thought of the possibility of working as a part-time customer consultant for some gallery or interior company based in Hanoi city. And I actually made a survey to some galleries and interior shops which I had known earlier. But I was really disappointed at these shops'owners' attitude toward their employees. They gain so high profit for each product sold, but they are so mean and have no respect toward their laborers (most being students and new graduates). The salespersons have to work all day with so overloaded work under so tough supervision. Facing this fact, though feeling a bit pity and sad, I had to change my mind and looked forward to another direction. I can come back to these shops but only as a customer or observer.

My friends are always helpful at the right time. When I was so puzzled and not yet quite clear for which step to take next, I asked my close friend Kim Chi - a Master of English Education - for her advice. She asked me why I could not be a teacher of English ? Deep in mind, earlier I had thought of this but only as an alternative if other options could not be implemented because I had found my personality unsuitable to teaching, the job requiring a more open and very patient character. But when hearing Chi to encourage me to be more optimistic and recommended some groups of learners most suitable to me, I felt more self-confident and better aware of this prospect. As having long experience in practicing English in admin and business work, why can’t I guide those people in similar positions but with less experience to improve their English skills ? The answer should be YES I CAN. This job is good for both learners and myself as it will bring me more fun from talking in English with younger people and it has minimal stress. Difficulties have been overcome, I have made the right decision to be a teacher of English, and my mind now feels refreshed like flowers full of vitality in Spring.

Recently as I read from a Chinese culture website published in San Francisco, those people born in Year of Rooster are usually devoted, interesting and extremely brave in any situation. As I was also born in a Year of Rooster, though I do not yet have all these qualities at the moment, I will try better to develop this inborn potential.