Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Threatening event to health - valuable experience for passing risk for continued life

Today, at the beginning of Autumn, as my health has been restored to its stable condition, I am recalling and telling you my recent story as an actually threatening and challenging experience which I have overcome and now keep in mind as a very good lesson.

It happened that around the middle of August, as a bad sudden effect of the rapidly changing hot weather of summer, particularly the atmostphere pressure changes, I lost sleep at night, suffered heavy headache and tension continuously for a few days.
And then one afternoon, while doing shopping, I fell suddenly in front of a shop near my house, my face hitting the pavement. My little son, who went with me then, though afraid, still kept calm enough to come back home to call his father. That night and the next day, several partial seizures occurred to me leading to some related lung problems. After trying for me some usual medicines without result, seeing my condition even worse day by day, my husband realized it best to call emergency. He decided to call emergency service from Bach Mai Hospital, one of the best hospital in Hanoi City with high-tech medical equipmnent, good professional and responsible doctors and nurses, and good-quality service. Then he accompanied me in the ambulance to the Emergency Department of this hospital.

As Thang told me later, he was only less worried about me when knowing that the doctors, based on the CT scan result of my head and X-ray image of my lungs, urgently carried out some special cure measures to get me out of the dangerous situation. And me, then as too tired and partly as taken a lot of transquilizers, I came into a long sleep and sometimes like a comatose, so I could not hear anything, could not know anything around during my 2-day stay in the Emergency Department. I only began hearing and knowing the world around me again when moved on bed to the Intensive Care Unit. The first thing I saw was the ventilator plugged into my mouth and nose, that meant, I could not yet breathe normally by myself and still needed this machine as a support. Though well aware of its necessary use for my ventilation, as a too sensitive person, bearing the ventilator’s plastic-made breathing circuits in my mouth and nose for 3-4 days was really annoying to me. Being supported strongly by my darling Thang’s best care for me in the role of a nurse day and night for nearly 2 weeks, additionally encouraged by the frequent visits by my nearly-80-year Dad and the other people, finally I passed the treatment period in the Intensive Care Unit, and the doctors decided to allow me to exit the hospital and continue restoring my health at home.

After the long and boring days with powder milk allowed as the only food for me everyday, with so many tests on me, so many medical equipments lived with, now I feel so happy to have freedom at my home again. Especially I was so moved and cheerful crying when seeing my little son Tuan again. I could not imagine how he had managed himself alone at home for over 10 days when his Dad had been busy looking after me almost all day and night. Anyway he was then smiling warmly and happily to his Mum who just came back. For my first days back home, as I was still rather dizzy and weak when standing, Tuan followed his Dad's guidelines to make his part to looking after and helping Mum in daily activities. He got food, drinks or other things needed to Mum's bed, supported Mum to walk into the bathroom or go around so on. He was also in charge of all the tasks usually done by Mum, for example, washing and drying clothes, preparing instant noodle for his lunch, cleaning floor etc. And at the end of everyday, he typed all these deeds in his diary on his computer. I believe in my position, any mother should be happy when seeing her child do the same.

At the hospital, as it was very strictly limited for patients’ visitors, only one of my friends could come to see me then. But now as I stay home again, things are easy again to my friends. So many friends have come and all of them been welcome warmly. It is only a bit pity that now I am still suffering a light sore throat and find somewhat difficult to speak as a consequence from lung inflammation and bad oxygen circulation of one main artery into my brain, which has prevented me from talking freely. I promise to all of them that I will improve my voice and my health in general in the soonest time possible to welcome them next time with more fun.

Living in the deep sympathy and devoted care by my husband Thang – who is now my hone doctor and cook, with my son as a helpful assistant, with on-going spiritual encouragement by everybody, especially by my Dad nearly 80 but still very optimistic and self-active in work and life, I have been feeling better quite quickly and see my daily life more worth to live. I have been really surprised at myself now not at all scared of illness, instead, I am quite calm and optimistic to take best methods possible I've known to prevent any impact on health everyday (with special attention to avoiding weather unusual changes). I must have a better health to lessen everybody’s worries and more highly respect my own and my close ones'small daily happiness. I am confident that I will be much stronger soon so that I can enjoy cheerful holidays as before!

Now I have a simple but essential wish of sleeping well every night and waking up well and peacefully in my new-repaired apartment so that I can enjoy breakfasts including milk, fruits... given me by my friends, neighbors and relatives.

From this experience, in practice, I am now determined to improve my health by arranging more time for sleep at night, morning exercises regularly. I must also set up for myself some menus with less hot substances, more cool components, with less cholesterol, more calcium, vitamins and so on. That means I must eat less pork and chicken, and take more fish and seafood, more vegetables, fruits. I have started a regime of taking yahourt daily and find it quite good for my skin and digestion. Especially I must be more strict to myself: I can have some light tea but stop drinking coffee unless very special cases.

Surviving from the risk of danger, I love my life more passionately. And to me now nothing is more valuable than a good stable health. Only with a good health, I can really enjoy life.