Friday, 2 September 2011

Lotus in Moonlight

For these days, as our traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching soon in Vietnam, my mind has been quite willing to produce a new painting before and for this special occasion.

Earlier, more than once, I wanted to choose a topic of a Full Moon or a New Moon as a typical symbol for Autumn, especially for the coming Mid-Autumn Festive Night when the Moon will be surely full or round in shape and clearly bright.

Then I simply liked to recreate a beautiful and romantic image of the Moon or Moonlight, those English words meaningful to me for my name Thanh Nga in Vietnamese also means a Bright Moon or Clear Moonlight in English.

However, after that, for I often continuously missed my deceased Mother with her name Thanh Lien which means a Clear Lotus or Bright Elegant Lotus, I preferred to go ahead with a painting of this special flower. Moreover, seeing various photos online of the Lotus in Autumn usually associated with or in Moonlight, simultaneously remembering that my late Mother in her life always loved to hold many cheerful activities for her kids, including me as her only daughter, during our childhood, such as a mid-Autumn Festive Night party with various mooncakes, plentiful fruits and so full of happy smiles for every year, I decided to change my painting topic this time into "The Lotus in Moonlight".

So yesterday afternoon, I worked quite willingly and passionately, and finally completed my new water-color artwork of "The Lotus in Moonlight" by title.

I would like to share it as done with my best efforts (as shown in the image below) with you, my dear readers, and hope for your view with good understanding that my Lotus is being shined brightly by the Moonlight. This small picture is also for partly showing my forever-lasting memory with deep love and endless gratitude for my late esteemed Mother named Thanh Lien or the Bright Elegant Lotus.

There is another important point I would like to express that I like to draw around my Mother’s name a Full Moon better than a heart because I always remember my special friend’s words to me that we should circle our loved ones' names by a circle instead of a heart for a heart can be broken but a circle never ends.