Friday, 25 December 2009

Vegetables - My close friend after Christmas feasts

After the recent Christmas feasts full of beef and chicken and too little vegetable content, at lunch time today I began craving for more vegetables.

The first vegetable I have thought of is tomato.

As read and heard from various information sources, now I know that lycopene, a compound found in tomatoes, is widely touted as a protector against cancer, particularly prostate cancer. But for myself, tomatoes do not only mean good for health but also special for its cool sweet taste and fine-looking succulent pinky-red skin.

Usually I take tomato in salads:

For today lunch, tomato was cooked in a soup with some fish:

Besides, sometimes I also drink tomato juice as a nutrient drink:

Another type of vegetable very special to me for its strange taste is bamboo shoots. We usually fry them with beef. But today as we liked to eat vegetables only, we fried it with tomato and green onion only:

The third and also final item of our vegetarian menu today was cabbage for its cooling quality. The simplest way and for me the best choice is boiled cabbage. In this way, we can first take both boiled cabbage leaves as a main course for our meal and cabbage water as a soup. And it is better if we eat cabbage leaves with fish sauce mixed with boiled chicken egg (shown below):

We can also take cabbage water as a refreshment drink after our meals.

Though each of us knows the benefits of vegetables to our health at a different level, we are all sure that we need them as refreshment and cholesterol-reducing fighter in balance with meat, fish and other protein and fat-high content food stuffs we take everyday.

Here is another more picture of tomato as a small reminder to you of super necessity of vegetables:

Good Appetite for your New Year Holiday !!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sunday lunch of some favorites

This Sunday, on the occasion of another successful news in our business, we had a special lunch with a simple menu of low-fat dishes of all our three family members’ favorites.

The first dish was my son’s usual favorite fried chicken eggs - but today made in a different way of soft frying with pork, mushrooms, Jew’s ear fungus, onions for a slight changing taste for him.

The second course is both my darling Thang and myself’s favorite healthy fried soya curd. Today I also made it in a special way which I had just read from a Vietnamese cuisine website.

- In short, soya curd was first well mixed with onions and sweet chilli slices, then shaped into cakes.

- Then these cakes were fried once. Next soaked with a mixture of soya sauce, chicken eggs, green onions and pepper.

- After that, the cakes were fried quickly on the pan once again to be completed.

This dish could be fully delicious only when enjoyed with a carefully prepared soya sauce with green onions, chilli and pepper.

All three of us need vegetables, we know this better and better. That’s why today we chose to make a salad with ingredients mainly cucumber, tomato, some other herbs, onions, added fish sauce, vinegar, a little sugar, seasoning powder.

Finally, we all had rice together with warm Green Chinese Cabbage Soup with Shrimps.

Today, for dessert, we also had a special type of fruit, that is sapodilla plums which my mother-in-law offered us from her garden beside her house in Gia Lam - the suburb of Hanoi city.

As usual, good appetite for Sunday and the whole new week !