Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bedding colors- decisive for good sleep

As it is becoming cooler and cooler in Hanoi this season, I have been feeling more and more clearly the truth that the material and colors of blankets, pillows, bed sheets and mattress act an important role in my sleep quality. Every morning, when awake after a good deep sleep at night, I make up my bed quite happily with the cotton-made bed sheets of light, cool and fresh colors being Green and Blue which I have chosen. I also like the third thicker sheet for winter of Light Yellow. All these three colors are calm for my spirits at night, they can slightly massage my mind after a long day. Being a simple person, I do not like to decorate too much, I just added some sheep-fur-made pillows with covers in light red and orange tones together with some light blankets of natural colors of Light Green and Light Yellow on the Green mattress as background, which all creates a good color balance and makes me feel warmer. Besides, we set on the wall at the bed side a simple-shaped lamp quite functional for reading and looking unique. Though small, my bed corner looks so peaceful. It is good for my health, even better than tonic. Everyday life is so simple but sweet to me.