Monday, 20 September 2010

Good inspiration toward Mid-Autumn Festival !

Today, my father has just come back from his trip to Ho Chi Minh city. I was glad to receive from him some special Mooncakes branded Nhu Lan sent me from my young nieces and nephews who are living and working in that far city, and hear him telling all happy stories about them. As currently I’m not sure when I will have a good chance to travel again to Southern Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh city in particular, to see them personally, any gift from them is so nice to me now. Moreover, as it is approaching to our Mid-Autumn Festival in a few days when the moon will be full round, a special mooncake (the symbol of this Chidren’s Festival) is more meaningful for us, especially really enjoyable for my son Tuan.

For more than a week now, my spirit has become more relaxed and comfortable everyday and night. My voice has made considerable progress after an intensive treatment period by facial acupuncture for some months now. Meanwhile, I have also kept on more active self-training by the same method at home. I’m really happy for my speaking in Vietnamese now is well understood by my family members, old friends and neighbours. I’m even happier when my spoken English now can be well understood on phone by all my new friends of other nationalities. In such a good inspiration, my daily life now has become more interesting with keeping email correspondence with both my old colleagues and friends as well as making some more new friends online who come from other countries like UK, US, Switzerland, Spain and so on. All this is quite good encouragement for me to try better in improving my spiritual life. Through their stories, I have found the world so endless, its socio-cultural life so plentiful and different in each corner of the earth. I hope to get a better health soon to take some more tours to several corners of the world (those of my best interests) to enjoy their cultural values by my own eyes.

Besides, just as a share-holder, I always feel hopeful for better success in my husband’s new business plans in several fields like wedding photography and associated services, real estates trade… and some others that he is going to start as soon as he gets really interested in. So my family is going to welcome a joyful Mid-Autumn Festival with some fruitful and prospective news.

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